Sunday, March 31

saying farewell to Made

Yesterday was another successful market in Port Fairy, where we sadly said farewell to the market.  There were some new faces, and some exciting new work from some familiar faces.  I always find markets to be so inspiring and motivating - what can I create next?  how will this idea work? I wonder whether...   I have a notebook that I take with me each time, and it's filled with ideas and observations of things that I notice throughout the day.  The key is then going back to it and then making the time - but that's for another day!

Some cards and bunting

I had made a new range of cards using some beautiful
illustrations from some of the books in my collection.

I love how these cards turn out, but it's a surprisingly
difficult process!

Looking for new ways to put these very tactile products on display.
I'm always in two minds about 'exposed' paper, rather than their
protective plastic sleeves, but (I believe) it looks so much better.

Some of these upcycled and handmade books found new homes.

Celebratory bunting up close

Looking across the table

Illustration card

Printed and sewn cards

Literary favourites

View from behind the stall, everyone was still setting up but
lots of people milling around and getting in sneak peeks before
the doors opened - very much a stallholder privilege :)

I'm constantly on the lookout for beautiful maps

I love this big book - full of artist pages, and concertina sketch foldouts.

If you'd like to see more photos, some have been posted and linked to the MADE Facebook page.

Sunday, March 17

farewell MADE

On Easter Saturday we say goodbye to the MADE artists' market in Port Fairy.
This was the market that got me into the whole market gig and convinced me that it was actually possible to load the car up for a weekend away, set up shop, meet lots of link-minded stallholders and customers alike, and come home feeling hugely inspired and motivated.

The first market, back in April 2011

I missed the original advertisement, but a friend put me onto the call out for stallholders and in that first year, I went to all four of their seasonally themed markets.  We're located in a small Church hall, just off one of the busy main streets.  Port Fairy is a tourist haven and is very busy each weekend, but especially so when one of their regular festivals are on.

The market is focused on the promotion of local artists and makers, so last year when I successfully applied for two events, and got the call in for a third, I was especially proud of my involvement in the 'local scene'.

October, 2012

This time around we'll be celebrating what everyone has achieved over the last two years and look forward to future opportunities for us all.  I'm looking forward to seeing familiar faces again, saying thank you and importantly - staying connected in many of the wonderful ways that make a craftisan feel like it's not such an isolated life after all.

Thanks MADE market - it's been a brilliant couple of years  :)

Saturday, March 9

Finding some more inspiration

It's been too long between posts, and I've got a couple of exciting things to share.

I recently did a screen printing course with Laura from Learn2ScreenPrint.  I'll post some of my adventures in this new and exciting medium in coming weeks, but needless to say as usual I have another million ideas churning around in my mind about how to play with the possibilities of screens and inks.

Stencil design, printing onto plain cotton (right) and an upholstery sample (left)

Close up of flower design which was my experiment in painting a relief 
blackout onto the screen.  This needs a lot more patience than I gave it,
but am happier with the final result than I thought I would be.

I'm also currently happily undertaking the decor8 Blogging Your Way online course this month.
There are so many inspiring people participating and I'm looking forward to sitting down with a (big) cup of coffee and having a look at the blogs of others classmates.

I have found that working my way through these online courses is such an easy and enjoyable way to end up with a great range of advantages - connections with people all around the world, which is the beauty of blogs; learning some new skills and new insights; and actually taking the time to reflect and plan my own work - with is truly a rarity.
Let's see what comes from these adventures in weeks to come.