Tuesday, March 8

I haven't bought a card in years

I don't mean to brag, but seriously, I haven't.  I make all of my own cards and have started making some of these to be sold in the little bookshop and at upcoming markets (details soon!).
The gorgeous cards on the left of the photo are Stephen Conlin's beautiful architectural cards.  They are stocked exclusively in Australia in the little bookshop.  His work has been published in travel guides and historical references.
In the wooden tray in the centre of the photograph are some of the cards that I've been producing for the little bookshop: Keep Calm and Read On, and our local buscrolls.  They've been a popular seller, listing some of the unique names of our Portland region.

Specialty Books

I have been making quite a few new styles of books and will publish them soon.  For now, this is a photo of one of the more specialty books that I have made.  It is about 20cm square, covered in a beautiful soft grey gabardine fabric and has map end pages and inserts.  The concertina pages fold in and around the map pages, reminiscent of a real map that needs to be folded in a certain way.
I'm looking forward to making more books like these.

Magnolia Square Market

I was lucky enough to be in Melbourne on the weekend of the magnificent Magnolia Square Market.  I've always wanted to visit it and was delighted to see that it lived up to its reputation.
I highly recommend it and will try and visit one again this year, for both the shopping pleasure and pure inspiration.