Sunday, October 9

Made market in Port Fairy

It seems like so long ago since we had a market, so I'm especially excited that there's a Made Artist's Market in Port Fairy this coming Saturday.
9am - 2pm at the Church Hall.  It's up the lane beside Bella Claire in Bank St.  Easy to find and some great handmade work to peruse.

Saturday, October 8

In.cube8r opening this week

I set up my stock today at in.cube8r in Geelong - 127 Moorabool Street.
It opens on Wednesday, so if you are nearby in upcoming weeks, go and check it out!
All artists take 100% of their pricing so it's a great way to support local and emerging artists.

The video below takes you inside the already established store in Melbourne:

Tuesday, October 4

exciting announcement - featuring a shop in Geelong

I think that it's very exciting news - luciandjoe bookbinding are going to be stocked in a new store opening in Geelong on Wednesday 12th October!!!
The shop is a new location for in.cube8r, a gallery-style retail concept that nurtures emerging artists and allows their work to be accessed by the public every day.
It's located at 127 Moorabool Street and I'll post some photos later in the week after I head over to set up shop.

I'm also madly preparing for next weekend's Made Artist's market in Port Fairy and am getting ready to unveil some new products.