Wednesday, July 30

the Piccadilly Market, and why I look forward to it every time

Even before I started being a smallholder at markets, I loved going to markets.  I loved seeing the handmade things that clever people created, often knowing that they couldn't be found anywhere else.
I loved buying bags of fresh produce, cutesy little kitsch that was a 'must' by then and there, and often little gifts and presents for loved ones that they couldn't find anywhere else.

Now that I get to play on the other side of the stall table, I still love going to markets as a shopper and a maker.
The Piccadilly market has at least 80 stalls each time - sometimes more - and whilst there are the old favourites and returners, there are always new things to see on their stands or with the brand new businesses who are represented.
The advantage of early set up and organisation, is that you get a chance to have a sneaky walk around and admire your neighbour's work.  I try and go for a wander further afield before we open, as I'm often at a stand by myself and a quick trip to bathroom/coffee is all I want to do - there's never time for wandering and shopping unless I have relief stall assistance from someone!  However, it's entirely a different matter when you find yourself admiring your neighbouring tables for hours at a time.  It's quite easy to talk yourself into something that you have been admiring for hours... I may or may not have made some late afternoon impulse purchases from fellow stallholders that way ;)

I have been playing around with display ideas, and created a replacement for my swing tags that use individually typed information on my Mum's vintage typewriter.  Two fingered typing at its best, on an old reel of tape - definitely a unique feature to the books!

Hope to see you on Sunday :)

Saturday, March 1

upcoming bookbinding workshops

It's exciting to be able to start taking bookings for two of the workshops I have planned for this year.
Today we held an open studio for some of the artists who are holding sessions at the Julia Street Creative Space.  I was there alongside some incredibly talented people - Ruby Richardson (screen printing), Brett Jarrett (realist painter), Jenny Griffin (felt maker) and Shelley Husband/Spincushions (crochet work).

It was so busy that I only got a chance to take one quick photo to send to Shelley (who was unable to be there today), and then posted it nearly at the end of the actual time!  Oh well, it's a testament to the event that I was so busy.

luciandjoe have scheduled two workshops for the coming months, and there are plans underway for more.

The first one is an introductory session which is designed to give people a taste of what book projects could be made.  We'll be making a concertina book (A5 in size, beautiful paper covered hard book cover and at least 90cm wide paper (depending on how big the sheets are that I can order!).  These are great for albums, guest books and folios.
Also in that workshop we are making a simple sewn book, using card as a cover and a single signature, hand sewn into place.
The idea of this workshop is to give you an idea of what skills are involved, and how you could make your own personalised version at home.  All materials and tools are supplied, and places for this date are filling up!

On the 21st June we've scheduled a fabric covered book workshop, which is to made a book as seen in the photo below.  You start with a piece of fabric, a piece of beautiful paper, some card stock, artist paper and thread - and you finish with a multi-signature hand bound hard cover book.  Voila!

If you are interested in doing the workshops, drop into the Julia Street Creative Space (old Arts Company) in Julia Street Portland to sign up.  They are taking names of anyone who can't make those dates - or please get in touch with me here.

We are looking to do repeat workshops, as well as introduce some specialised projects with upcycled and artist books.
Exciting times ahead!

Wednesday, January 1

Being a little productive

I've been meaning for a long time to make fabric name bunting and I've been trying to decide the best way to approach it. 

I decided to use a linen as the banner pieces, and I machine sewed the edges. I then printed the letters and used them for a pattern to cut out a slightly rough red linen. 

I did a long stitched running stitch to put the letters on, and then attached all the pieces onto some beautiful ribbon with printed text. 

I'll test it out at this weekend's Made By Me market in Warrnambool. 

I also put together some vintage paper buntings to include on the stall as well, which are the same as the packaging design.