Monday, April 23

coming soon (fingers crossed!)

I’m working on a new website.  From scratchies.  Yep, full programming, file management and all the nonsense that goes with that.  Good luck to me I say  :)

I’m working my way through an online course by the amazing Tara Gentile, and whilst it is challenging at times, I’m excited to see how it’s going to turn out.  I have my design ideas already of course, but they’re changing constantly so I really don’t know what the end result will turn out to be.
The server issues I’m having are holding me back from advancing through the next waiting lesson, but that means more time [ie. more dangerous time] to explore the graphic options and play with pantone colour.  Sigh.

If anyone has any suggestion for my website, feel free to leave a comment.  I’m keen to hear about features that YOU love on websites.  I have my own ideas, but since you’re my audience, that should also be a consideration... [note to self].

Monday, April 9

blogs I love

I love reading blogs, as I mentioned recently.  It's inspiring to read about artists and their own influences.  I have a number that I visit on an almost daily basis, just to see what they've been up to.
I'm going to share some of my favourites with you here:

Kelly Purkey
Kelly is a graphic designer and works in the scrapbooking field, and I love her aesthetic.  She lives in NYC and travels a lot, especially throughout the USA.  She's publishing this year and I'm really looking forward to seeing her work in print, other than magazine features.

This photo is a shot of her Project Life album,
with the custom-made stamp she had made for her Instagram photos.

Amy Tangerine
Amy Tan is also a graphic designer and scrapbooker.  She has a gorgeous range of products and blogs regularly about her work and her life.  I believe that she has a keen business eye and it's fascinating to see what she's up to through her posts.

Amy has released her products through American Crafts, featuring these fantastic daybooks
and their associated [=dangerous!] products.  The 'Two Peas in a Bucket’ website is
where I succumb to temptation with these.

A Beautiful Mess
These ladies blog prolifically and share their ideas through photos and tutorials.  They like to re-use and re-design accessories and clothing items, and love photography so often share their approaches to all of those projects.

Some favourite posts of late have been about photography, especially ones
with film cameras (remember those?) and the lenses that you can
attach to your phone’s camera.

Posy Gets Cosy, Alicia Paulson
Alicia is a fabric artist, embroidery artist, sewer, photographer, amazing cook and lives a gorgeous country life.  She recently reminded me about how important it is to really READ the posts that my adored bloggers were putting out into the world.  Her posts of late last year reminded me of how important it is to appreciate a grateful lot of simple things.

I chose this photo to represent Alicia’s blog for two reasons:
i. her love of sewing and projects
ii. her love of her animals (and how they get involved in her
sewing projects too!)

What are some of your blog loves??

Thursday, April 5

new beginner’s bookbinding class

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We had a terrific time at the first class and I’m really pleased to be able to schedule a repeat session for the 12th May.  Places are limited, so drop into the little bookshop to register for this class - or for upcoming projects.