Tuesday, January 25

fabric covered journals

This style of fabric-covered notebooks are becoming a favourite standard.
They're A5 in size, with sketchbook quality papers inside.  Each is covered in beautiful fabrics with unique endpapers.  Open one up and you might find some pages from an old dictionary, or in the case of the floral one on the left, handmade paper made from Tasmanian fibres.
Each has a different closure.  These two feature popular options, with elastic & buckles on one and ribbon & buttons on the other.
Some (like the green & white one you can spy in the top left-hand corner) has featured buttons and an attached bookmark instead.

the little bookshop

Megan's beautiful store, the little bookshop, is in Portland and is the only place that I'm selling books at the moment.
Her store stocks quality fiction, both classics and new releases, as well as cards & journals and unique collectibles.
Check out the store's webpage for more details... the little bookshop

the little bookshop

gorgeous fabrics

One of the things that I love about creating these books is the wonderful materials that I can play with.
This fabric is a linen with printed images of famous world landmarks.  It's very thick and isn't easy to work with, but I love its texture and the way that it works with the black gabardine and little metal adornment on the side.

This style of book has sketch-quality pages made into signatures, which are then all handsewn to the spine - you can see the long stitching on the outside of the spine.


Thanks for checking out the blog for luciandjoe bookbinding.
Over the next few weeks I'm aiming to have a lot of posts with samples of the work and some explanations of them.
Stay tuned...  :)