Sunday, March 17

farewell MADE

On Easter Saturday we say goodbye to the MADE artists' market in Port Fairy.
This was the market that got me into the whole market gig and convinced me that it was actually possible to load the car up for a weekend away, set up shop, meet lots of link-minded stallholders and customers alike, and come home feeling hugely inspired and motivated.

The first market, back in April 2011

I missed the original advertisement, but a friend put me onto the call out for stallholders and in that first year, I went to all four of their seasonally themed markets.  We're located in a small Church hall, just off one of the busy main streets.  Port Fairy is a tourist haven and is very busy each weekend, but especially so when one of their regular festivals are on.

The market is focused on the promotion of local artists and makers, so last year when I successfully applied for two events, and got the call in for a third, I was especially proud of my involvement in the 'local scene'.

October, 2012

This time around we'll be celebrating what everyone has achieved over the last two years and look forward to future opportunities for us all.  I'm looking forward to seeing familiar faces again, saying thank you and importantly - staying connected in many of the wonderful ways that make a craftisan feel like it's not such an isolated life after all.

Thanks MADE market - it's been a brilliant couple of years  :)

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