Sunday, March 31

saying farewell to Made

Yesterday was another successful market in Port Fairy, where we sadly said farewell to the market.  There were some new faces, and some exciting new work from some familiar faces.  I always find markets to be so inspiring and motivating - what can I create next?  how will this idea work? I wonder whether...   I have a notebook that I take with me each time, and it's filled with ideas and observations of things that I notice throughout the day.  The key is then going back to it and then making the time - but that's for another day!

Some cards and bunting

I had made a new range of cards using some beautiful
illustrations from some of the books in my collection.

I love how these cards turn out, but it's a surprisingly
difficult process!

Looking for new ways to put these very tactile products on display.
I'm always in two minds about 'exposed' paper, rather than their
protective plastic sleeves, but (I believe) it looks so much better.

Some of these upcycled and handmade books found new homes.

Celebratory bunting up close

Looking across the table

Illustration card

Printed and sewn cards

Literary favourites

View from behind the stall, everyone was still setting up but
lots of people milling around and getting in sneak peeks before
the doors opened - very much a stallholder privilege :)

I'm constantly on the lookout for beautiful maps

I love this big book - full of artist pages, and concertina sketch foldouts.

If you'd like to see more photos, some have been posted and linked to the MADE Facebook page.

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