Saturday, March 9

Finding some more inspiration

It's been too long between posts, and I've got a couple of exciting things to share.

I recently did a screen printing course with Laura from Learn2ScreenPrint.  I'll post some of my adventures in this new and exciting medium in coming weeks, but needless to say as usual I have another million ideas churning around in my mind about how to play with the possibilities of screens and inks.

Stencil design, printing onto plain cotton (right) and an upholstery sample (left)

Close up of flower design which was my experiment in painting a relief 
blackout onto the screen.  This needs a lot more patience than I gave it,
but am happier with the final result than I thought I would be.

I'm also currently happily undertaking the decor8 Blogging Your Way online course this month.
There are so many inspiring people participating and I'm looking forward to sitting down with a (big) cup of coffee and having a look at the blogs of others classmates.

I have found that working my way through these online courses is such an easy and enjoyable way to end up with a great range of advantages - connections with people all around the world, which is the beauty of blogs; learning some new skills and new insights; and actually taking the time to reflect and plan my own work - with is truly a rarity.
Let's see what comes from these adventures in weeks to come.

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  1. Hi Joe -- found your blog through the BYW forums and am loving seeing your work. Those prints are lovely! I'm looking forward to reading more about your screen printing!