Monday, November 19

monday night = fail!

And I thought that a daily post in the lead-up to a market was a great idea!
I should have predicted that it wouldn't last long... but I was kinda hoping for more than one night :(

So the real job overtook my time tonight and about the only thing that I did that was related to Sunday's Piccadilly market was that I thought about it.  And moved some things about when I was looking for something else.

But let's look at the lesson here - running a small business, or expanding a hobby/past-time/craft obsession like I have really is a juggling act, and sometimes the real world invades that time.  You know, the real world that pays for the wishful world!  It's unfortunate, but I don't have the amount of time available that I would like to spend on my papercraft.  There are many craftisans who would say exactly the same thing - we're all time poor.  I'm so conscious of this fact in the days before a 'deadline' as such, because I think back to all the grand plans and brilliant designs that I was sure would be ready for the next selling date.  Pfft!  Grand plans, but at least I am able to have many new things, and some old favourites.

I have a growing list of ideas and plans for luciandjoe... let's see how many of them become a reality in the next little while.  But for now, sleep and I'll try again tomorrow.

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