Friday, October 26

am busy making

There's a market on Sunday (have I mentioned that yet?!), Warrnambool Boutique market.  But the important content of my post tonight is not another shameless plug, but a glimpse into the behind the scenes preparation that I find myself able to do tonight.  It's not always that I have a whole day and two nights to pretty much solely dedicate to my craft, so I'm making the most of it.

This first shot is a bit of an idea of the early stages of hard work (it gets much messier!).
I have a dining table in the centre of my study, where I do my paper cutting, construction, binding and where the sewing machine will sit tomorrow when it comes out to play.

On the far wall you can see one set of the built-in shelving units that I have in here.  This one has a kitchen counter top for the workbench, which is perfect for its size and surface.  You can see that I am making the most of technology here too - the tv has a movie in the dvd player, the laptop is switching between printing and internet surfing, and there are a few other apple devices there too (probably under piles of paper).

I try and keep this space around the laptop relatively free, so that my many lists and 'important documents' are handy.  I've got some quality caffeine there, as well as lots of inspiration on the inboard at the back (a fabric-covered canvas with ribbon across it to secure in the cards and photos etc.

Usually my printer is its own space above where the tv is, but I am printing a fairly high volume of paper tonight so it's easier to have it on this chair.  I really like my epson printer for many reasons, but I am not completely happy with how it interacts with my laptop.  I may have to upgrade it sooner than I would like.

And lastly for tonight, here's a shot of some of the piles of printing that's ready for cutting, creating and card-making tomorrow.  I've got a LONG LIST of great ideas that I want to finish off tomorrow, including new bunting and garlands especially for Christmas.  I'm planning on spending a lot of time in here tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it  :)

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