Monday, October 22

Warrnambool Boutique Market

Yippee, there's a new market in the region and it's on this Sunday in Warrnambool.

The Warrnambool Boutique Market has its launch market this weekend and I'm excited to be a part of it.  From the posts that they've been putting up on their facebook page, there looks to be a great variety of stalls and some very talented artists.

The market opens at 10am and runs through to 3pm, and I'm hoping to do a bit of stall browsing [ie. shopping] myself.

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And speaking of the almighty social media forum of facebook, I've finally gotten my act together and launched the luciandjoe Facebook page.

I'd been resisting this for a while because I was so conscious of doubling up posts and overloading my loyal fans [that's you ;)].  However, I have gotten over that little burst of consciousness and will continue to post on this blog, link these to the Luciandjoe Bookbinding* facebook page, and of course include lots of links and insights on the facebook page itself.  So you'd better head on over there and like to your heart's desire.  See you there (or here, or both!)   :)

* was disappointed to find that facebook's rules don't allow for lower case page names, so I had to ditch my usual stand on equality and make the L and B big letters.  Let me make it clear though: it's a one-time gig and all letters in my business name are now firmly back in the same height forever more!

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