Saturday, July 7

Geelong's Piccadilly Market

I'm very much looking forward to the upcoming trip to the amazing Piccadilly Market, on Sunday 29th July.

There is always a terrific mix of stalls, and it's particularly tempting to spend more time shopping and admiring the talents of everyone else, than it is to be at my own stall!  But I love the market for the mix of people it brings along too, and speaking to people about my books and ideas keeps me going to the next market - and next grand product idea!

Keep an eye out for a post closer to the date, with details about an exciting new product that I'm going to launch at Piccadilly...

What?   Piccadilly Market
When?  Sunday 29th July, 10am to 4pm
Where?  Geelong: the waterfront campus of Deakin University
Why?  Soooo many reasons  :)

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