Saturday, March 10

shop discovery: l'uccello

This morning's newspaper reading revealed a feature on l'uccello which is a store that appeals to both my aesthetics and love of haberdashery/craftery/treasures.

Kim Hurley has created an oasis in the heart of the CBD and filled it with vintage European supplies, fabrics, Australian products and her own lines.

The store is located in the iconic Nicholas Building in Swanston St, Melbourne and I'm lucky enough to be including a visit there when I have to go up for a 'real work' seminar in a couple of weeks.
I hope to see their delights in person, and hope to uncover some wonderful additions to my own stash.

Thanks to for their photograph of a store's display.

Over the course of this year, I'm looking forward to sharing more posts like this: I love reading other blogs and sharing their interests so it's going to be my pleasure in being able to do this in return.  I have a long list already planned and hope to hear some suggestions and ideas from you in return.

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