Friday, March 30

productive plans and business savviness

I'm fortunate enough to be able to have some time around Easter away from the 'real life job' and can devote some of my focus and energy into luciandjoe bookbinding.
I've been busy making lists and squirreling away ideas into a bulging notebook of product ideas and designs for new lines.  I can't wait to get stuck into actually making them during this time and getting them listed on to etsy.

Also inspiring me at the moment is a business seminar that I went to recently, which was aimed at 'creatives' (as opposed to the nerdy business types!).  The day give me pages and pages of notes and ideas, which instead of sending me running away frightened, it's inspiring and helping me to grow the possibilities of my business in my mind.  I actually WANT to sit down and do some paperwork!  And I can't wait to get stuck into those boxes of receipts and paper nonsense!  Crazy, I know  :)

So I'll be spending some quality time in the space above in coming days... after I tidy up a bit.

Oh, and the MADE Artist's market is on next Saturday in Port Fairy.  I get to be a customer this time, so I can't wait to go and visit the gorgeous stalls.

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