Friday, August 5

Piccadilly's Winter Market, July 2011

If you didn't make it to come and visit luciandjoe bookbinding in person in Geelong on the weekend just gone, here are some of the products that you missed.

Here you can see both the fully handmade fabric covered journals on the left,
as well as an example of the upcycled books to the right of them (green cover).  It made a beautiful and truly unique [new] book.

six words produce these stunning felt and jewel necklaces.

The old schoolcase is a great way to display this mix of books, from upcycled covers,
fully new journals and some with a mixture of both.

You can get an idea here of the other products in stock at markets as well: cards, little notebooks and at the back you can spy the beautiful paper flowers and globes made by Suzanne.

Another line up of upcycled and new journals

And that's what it's all about: books.

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